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A selection of our beautiful Momotaro koi


Okayama Koi


We specialize in high quality Momataro koi, our aim is is to purchase  high class koi and further develop them in our fully heated facilities in Scotland.

We have been fully assessed as a bio-secure importer of Koi by Marlabs Scotland and take the health and well being of our koi very seriously. This platform combined with our attention to water management provides the perfect conditions to grow and develop our koi to a very high standard. 

Our facilities utilize Bakki showers and mechanical filtration, even with the high level of feeding required for optimum growth we are able to run with TDS levels below 80 and a PH of 7. We blend our water as a mix of mains and RO which we believe is necessary provide an environment close to that of the mud pond in Japan. 

Quarantine Procedure

We take the quarantine process very seriously at Okayama Koi. Once the koi have been shipped they are housed and rested. Once they have settled in we carry out an initial parasite treatment.

We then hold the Koi at temperature to check for any ‘sleepy sickness’

After this we proceed with temperature cycling to ensure there is no virus in the koi that may be dormant at the cooler temperature. All koi are cycled up to 25 degC . This is a lengthy process and can be up to 8 weeks duration after we receive them.

Our preference for Tosai is to ship them from Japan in October, carry out the quarantine process then grow the koi on for sale in the spring. In this we we can be sure the koi are strong and healthy to move into our customers ponds. We are always happy to hold Koi and grow on Tosai during the winter period if customers prefer to select their Koi on arrival from Japan after the autumn harvest.



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